Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sensual Virgo Man

Who is the sensuous Virgo man?
He enters your life quietly and steals the spot light. On the surface he appears calm as a cucumber and yet just beneath the surface you can sense the turbulent sexual currents. Discerning and analytical, he needs order like other men need water. Meticulous, thorough and neat, he's the type of guy that IRS sends thank you cards to. And yet he's a gentleman who understands how a woman wants to be treated.

Witty, ambitious and a completely "dry" sense of humor.

Even though he's not the most popular guy at the party, he is the one most girls remember. Stubborn, private and as independent as a wild horse... he keeps his heart shut tight as a drum. Here's a word of warning. If he's not in love with you, don't waster your time trying to catch him. That would be like attempting to catch an eagle in a butterfly net.
The Sensual virgo man has mastered the art of living inthe moment. He'e reliable, authentic and true to himself. You will never know for sure, exactly how many lovers there's been before you.

In other words...he's usually a very discrete lover.

If you are attracted to him. expect for him to bring a new kind of challenge into your life. In public, many sensual Virgo men appear to be much more conservative than they really are. In private, don't be shocked to discover you have an adventurous, daring insatiable lover on your hands.

Here's the sexret of his sexual power. When he's sexually aroused, it's an all consuming experience. For him, sex is "all or nothing" experience. If it's you he wants...then he will stop at nothing to get you. If ou are unavailable, he'll patiently wait ~ like a tiger stalking its prey in the tall brush. If you are playing hard to get, he will taunt you, like a cat toys with a mouse. Act unsure and he will find the best way to break through your defenses, overcome your doubts and take up permanent residence in your heart.

How to attract & keep a sensual Virgo man
Remember this. His natural instinct us to pursue. So, if you want to capture his attention, play it cool. Keep enough distance to be just out of his reach. Instead of pursuing him, let him chase you. Allow him to work to earn your attention and via for your attention. He only places value on what he has to earn. You want to give him every opportunity (and the space) to chase you.

Here's the number #1 secret to capturing and holding his romantic interest:

Constant Anticpation

The biggest mistake you can make when seducing a Sensual Virgo male is for you to be perceived by him as being too easy to get. Like a cat that's had too much milk, he'll quick lose interest. The real secret to keeping him interested and eager for you is to first tease and then withdraw. Send enough mix-messages to keep him in a constant state of anticipation.

His secret sexual fantasy: Dirty sex. That means, having sex in the mud, sex on the floor, sex on the beach, and sex that breaks many of society's rules (even his own). Deep down he longs to shed his inhibitions and throw caution to the wind. He's looking for a woman who can inspire him to get down, get dirty and play with passion.

With that said...here's the best passion product to buy for your sensual Virgo man: THE LOVE SWING. Why? Because it will help to bring out his wild side and give him that sense of freedom he craves. Give it is try and you'll see, first hand, another side of this man...totally set free!


Unknown said...

Sounds like my man.I'm a aquarius and I didn't know virgos were such freaks but aquarius is another secret freak sign lhh woow ty

Unknown said...

Sounds like my man.I'm a aquarius and I didn't know virgos were such freaks but aquarius is another secret freak sign lhh woow ty

Unknown said...

Sounds like my man.I'm a aquarius and I didn't know virgos were such freaks but aquarius is another secret freak sign lhh woow ty

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